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Welcome to our homepage!

A note from the Founder, Dr. Ruben Richards

Thank you for visiting the website. I really appreciate your interest in the work of the Foundation. We are a South African nonprofit organisation with a vision to facilitate healing in traumatised communities. In that way we see ourselves assisting in changing communities for the better.

Our website will always be work-in-progress and somewhat dynamic. We will make every effort to keep you updated on our programs, services and other activities.


In November 2015, Prince Harry of the British Royal Family visited one of the projects of the Foundation. For more about that visit follow this link


The Foundation is currently busy with peace building initiatives including the provision of psychological support services and a life skills program for juveniles in one of South Africa's most notorious gang land areas located on the "Cape Flats" of Cape Town - a place called Lavender Hill. The BBC World News recently completed a documentary on our work there. CLICK HERE on this link to watch the BBC video clip.or click here


The Institute for Justice and Reconciliation conferred the 2014/15 Reconciliation Award upon the Ruben Richards Foundation for helping communities overcome gangsterism and organised crime. Archbishop Desmond Tutu is the patron of that organisation and attended the event.













Ruben Richards and Desmond Tutu at the 2015 Reconciliation Award ceremony


We have great dreams and plans for the Foundation. We would be pleased to hear from you! Please let us know what your needs and questions are and we will be more than happy to explore if and how we can help.

















Ruben Richards and Oom Petrus Vaalbooi at a conference on Cultural Genocide in Cape Town - October 2015 


If you want to support our work (prayerfully, financially, morally) then please drop us an email.


Ruben (Founder and Chairperson)


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"CAN WE SAVE SOUTH AFRICA?" - See Ruben's online profile (click here)















2014/15 Reconciliation Award received by Ruben Richards Foundation

(from left: Fanie Du Toit, Alex Borraine, Khapametsi Maleke, Ruben Richards, Brian O'Connell)