Ruben Richards Foundation NPO 116-249

Ruben Richards foundation - a South Africa non-profit organisation



Creating a healthier and wealthier individual, community and nation


The Foundation is a non-profit organisation established to achieve specifically defined public benefit objectives. These are the provision of (1) Psychological Support Services, (2) Conflict Mediation and Peace Building (3) Job creation and Capacity building and (4) Community Development.

The purpose of the Foundation is to help heal the hearts, minds and souls of traumatised communities and individuals through the provision of therapy, conflict mediation and job creation opportunities and thereby contribute positively to nation building.

These goals will be achieved via three specific areas of intervention;

(1) THERAPY and Psychological Services: To bring about healing and restoration through the provision of counseling and a range of psychological-therapeutic interventions (individual and group therapy) including but not limited to trauma therapy, long term psychoanalysis, and also using art and drama as a medium for healing and expression.

(2) CONFLICT MEDIATION & PEACE BUILDING: To provide facilitation and mediation services in contexts of violence (social and political), crime and poverty. The mediation services will be used in and by a range of circumstances and audiences including the criminal (e.g. gangsterism) and non-criminal (e.g. law enforcement, criminal justice) sectors.

(3) JOB CREATION: To facilitate the employability of the unemployed and skills-deficient, as well as currently employed persons, through facilitating a mind-shift and a paradigm shift. The aim is to provide a bridge away from the attractions of the illegal economy and create an appetite and competency framework to participate in the legal economy of a democratic society. This is particularly relevant for the target audience known as 'youth-at-risk'. The aim is to re-channel employment potential of people (especially the youth) into a legal economy and facilitaing ways of rewarding entrepreneurial activities which are non-criminal. The further aim is to empower employed people with additional skills so as to enhance their employability on the one hand and contribute positively to service delivery on the other hand.

(4) COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: To provide and create opportunities for innovative community development - including providing12 week long life skills programs to school learners enabling them to make informed choices regarding drugs and sex; facilitating volunteer programs for local and international participants to assist in various community-based projects (e.g. caring for the aged); facilitating urban upgrade and renewal programs as we remove the violence from Apartheid's urban and city design which characterises much of the areas occupied by people of colour in South Africa.



























Our intervention method include, among others, confidential individual and group therapy, information workshops, seminars, public community gatherings, public lectures, publications, various media platforms, skills development initiatives, mentoringand coaching.


Dr Ruben Richards (Chairperson); Ivan Kleintjies (Finance); Denise Walker (Development), Benoit Messeur (Administration), Daniel Richards (Creative) 


Carol Richards


Paul Jones


Professor Oscar Barbarin (USA), Khapametsi Maleke (Lesotho), Emma Mabidilala (RSA), Dr Joseph Ozawa (Singapore)